Liquid Knowledge presents:

A curated collection celebrating a cultivated history

Opens November 30th 2021
290 NE 61ST Street
During Miami Art Week

Join us as we peer into an inspired curation, providing a glimpse through time into the journey of Hemp's perilous adventure through criminalization and back into the world of legality and prosperity.

This beautiful collection of timeless artifacts encapsulating moments of legend will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and made available to distinguishing collectors and afficionados.

From Don E Wirtshafter 10,000+ piece collection of rare and historic cannabis ephemera comes a brilliant curation of 420 pieces of special importance curated by Don E Wirtshafter with the collaboration of the renouned Edouard Duval-Carrié.

Brought to life on the Ethereum blockchain in phases of NFT collections; allowing distinguished collectors to own rare digital assets of this rich cannabis/hemp history.


About Cannabis Musseum

The Cannabis Museum is an Ohio 501(c)(3) educational and research nonprofit organization based in the Hocking River Valley in Southeastern Ohio, established in October 2018. We are dedicated to the preservation and education of the hidden histories of the mainstream global culture, prohibition, and politics of cannabis and its countless uses in the United States and around the world.

Our Mission is to Research, Collect, Preserve, and Disseminate knowledge about the artistic, historic, medical, and industrial venues of cannabis.

Our collection of 10,000+ items and artifacts range from prints, bottles, photographs, postcards, posters, relics, objects, textiles, books, journals, catalogs, and manuscripts collected from all around the world.

We provide collection access to researchers virtually. We are working to make more of our materials available online.



Nov 5, 2021
Media Contact: Catherine Hollingsworth
Cell: (704) 935-4456

As part of our Global/Borderless Caribbean series, we present this year:

Liquid Knowledge Presents: A Hemp & Cannabis History

Liquid Knowledge Presents: A Hemp & Cannabis History explores and celebrates a one-of-a-kind plant beyond the propaganda. The exhibition, part of the Global/Borderless Caribbean series, opens on Nov. 30th 2021 during Miami Art Week at 290 NE 61st Street in Miami, FL. The event is free and open to the public. This event is sponsored by Marimberos.

While Hemp originated in Asia, this import to the new world has had quite a checkered history, especially in the pharmaceutical world. It is time to revisit its history and provide a larger understanding of its inherent qualities and possibilities, particularly in this new world where it is swiftly becoming a major crop.

At the core of the exhibition is the life and work of Don E Wirtshafter, a retired attorney now living in Ohio, whose activism concerns the legal aspect of this commodity here in the US and who has assembled a fascinating collection of industrial and pharmaceutical items concerning the plant. The exhibition will also explore the unique journey of the Hemp and Cannabis plants around the world, and details their uses and stereotypes over time. Hemp and Cannabis have been both treasured and demonized, with a varied history that few other plants can claim. This exhibition traces the plant’s transformation from legalization to criminalization and back again to legalization.

The exhibition includes a large selection from the Wirtshafter collection, curated and installed by celebrated contemporary artist Edouard Duval-Carrié in association with the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance. The artifacts date from the mid-1800s, prior to the prohibition of Hemp, into the 20th century and present day. Objects will be on view as well as posters and other items related to the Hemp and Cannabis culture. Didactic panels will present a brief history of the plant and consider its new potential as a major global commodity offering important economic and medical advantages all over the world.

In conjunction with the collection of artifacts are seven large-scale documentary photographs by world- renowned photojournalist Carl-Philippe Juste in association with Iris PhotoCollective. This series of photographs explores Wirtshafter’s life and work. Juste has created a visual memoir of Wirtshafter's collection of artifacts, along with his life, personality and mission. Duval-Carrié is also producing a new work specifically for the exhibition.

This exhibition’s appearance in Miami is highly significant because South Florida has played a key role in Hemp and Cannabis history. During its period of criminalization, the plant was notoriously pressed into blocks — the famous “square groupers”— and dumped by illegal traffickers off the South Florida coast. Exhibition visitors will get a look at some of the replicas of these blocks, as well as a door from a Cessna airplane used for bringing these groupers into the U.S.

With our partner and sponsor of the event, Marimberos, an organization dedicated to the history and culture of Hemp and Cannabis, the exhibition will then move onto Cartagena, Colombia in 2022, where they are in the process of developing a world-class Hemp and Cannabis museum in the walled city.

Disclaimer: There will be no live plant material present nor will the use, possession or sale of hemp or cannabis be permitted at this event.


The first NFT museum about Cannabis & Hemp history

From Don E Wirtshafter 10,000+ piece collection

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